Caméra PTZ NDI 4K – HDMI USB SDI IP AI Tracking NDI – zoom optic 30x white

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Also available in black (please ask before purchase)

Caméra NDI PTZ 4K – Sortie simultanée en HDMI + USB + SDI + IP AI Tracking – NDI – 30x optical ZOOM
● 30x optical ZOOM
● Sortie simultanée en HDMI + USB + SDI + IP AI Tracking + NDI
● AI Tracking

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  • 4K60P

    Using 1/1.8-inch high-quality UHD CMOS sensor with a maximum of 8.42 million pixels can realize 4K (3840x2160) ultra-high-resolution high-quality images. And downward compatible with 1080p, 720p and other resolutions.

    30X Optical Zoom + 60 ° Wide-angle Lens

    It adopts 4K ultra long focal lens with high quality and 8 million ultra- high resolution, 30x optical zoom, and the maximum field angle is 60° .

    Electro Mechanical PTZ

    Built-in self-developed electro mechanical PTZ, the horizontal rotation range can reach ±170  ° , the rotation speed range is 1.7°~ 100° /s; the vertical rotation range can reach -30°~ 90° , and the rotation speed range is 1.7°~ 69.9° /s.

    Multiple Interfaces

    Support HDMI and 3G-SDI interface, effective transmission distance of 3G-SDI is up to 150 meters (1080P30). HDMI or 3G-SDI, USB, LAN can output three HD digital signals at the same time.

    Uncompressed video output

    With HDMI2.0 and 3G-SDI interface, it can directly output uncompressed digital video.

    Remote Control

    Support variety of control methods, you can use RS232, RS485, network and USB to control the camera.

    Low Illumination

    The application of 3D noise reduction algorithm greatly reduces image noise. Even under the condition of ultra-low illumination, it still keeps the picture clean and clear, and the SNR of image is as high as 55dB.

    AI Tracking

    With the help of the AI computing power of the chip, the camera is equipped with advanced AI algorithms to realize monocular humanoid tracking, which can realize automatic tracking of scenes such as education, conferences and live broadcasts.

    NDI®|HX2 1

    NDI®|HX2 has the characteristics of low latency and plug and play and easy to be implemented and deployed. It has good ecology and supports the simultaneous transmission of audio, video and control commands . It is a new generation of network video transmission mode.

    Gravity Sensor 1

    It supports automatic image flipping function, which is convenient for installation and use.